Toffee was my first little Dachshund.
He lived to 16 years old and he loved to go boating! 
Finding an image of him on the boat, I decided to make him in fabric collage.

Using fusible techniques, I traced the image onto a lightweight vilene fabric. 
Tracing onto fusible web, I began fusing and cutting out fabrics and laying them onto the background.


Continuing to place fabrics, I build up the design as I went.
He had funny little light colours on his chest that showed up in photos. 
The eyes were the hardest to do but I persevered, hoping that some stitching would help to enhance them.

Then I auditioned fabrics for the boat and the water.



When I had the image completed and ironed to fuse all the fabrics together, I cut him out and tried him on this gorgeous hand dyed fabric which I have been saving for years. 

This fabric was dyed by Janet Ryan, who had a business called Dyeit fabrics in Auckland.

Although I loved the look of it, decided to go with the water design as that was so Toffee, he just loved it as you can see from his expression!






I arranged all the fabrics for the water and most of the boat, layered up with batting and backing, and did the quilting before I put Toffee onto it.

He used to sit behind my back when the yacht was on an acute angle on windy days!

So I decided he definitely needed a lifebuoy and added that in.

And here is my dear little Porsche, current Dachshound at nearly 14 years old.

No she has never been boating but she loves to swim !!!